[DAYCELL] Dr.VITA Vitamin Mask Pack 25g ★100% Cotton Tencel★


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[DAYCELL] Dr.VITA Mask Pack 25g ★100% Cotton Tencel★

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[DAYCELL] Dr.VITA Mask Pack 25g ★100% Cotton Tencel★ 기본 정보
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주요인증 및 수상내역  
2019 수상내역  

Ranked 1st in Functional Cosmetics category in “2019 Korea Quality Satisfaction” – 3 consecutive years

'2019 Korea Quality Satisfaction' was established to select high-quality products that will be the core power of Korean economic growth, Hankyung Business and G Valley News hosted the event and jointly hosted the Korea Media Marketing Group and 1st in Korea Quality Satisfaction Management Office. The review was completed for four months based on the evaluation of judges and consumers composed of academia and industry experts, and the total scores of five items such as loyalty, reliability, recognition, brand image, and customer satisfaction that lead to consumer purchase and awarded for outstanding company.

2018 수상내역  

1st in Functional Cosmetics Parts of 2018 " Korea Quality Satisfaction Index "

Hankyung Business and G-Valley News hosted, and joint sponsored by Korea Media Marketing Promotion Agency and Korea's quality satisfaction index management office won the first place in the 2018 Korea Quality Satisfaction Index Functional Cosmetics Division two consecutive year.
It was selected after a preliminary investigation after a four-month review based on the evaluations of judges and consumers composed of academics and industry experts.

2017 수상내역  

2017 Korea Quality Satisfaction "1st in Functional Cosmetics Division

We received the 2017 Korea Quality Satisfaction "1st in Functional Cosmetics Division, it sponsored by Hankyung Business and co-management by Korea Media Marketing Promotion Agency and 2017 Korea 1st Quality Satisfaction Operation Office. Based on the corporate philosophy of 'Daily Cell Care System' since company established, we have continuously launched high-function products for healthy and beautiful skin care of consumers, and it have been judging based on the evaluations of judges and consumers composed of academics and industry experts and then it selected.

2016 수상내역  

2016 Premium Brand Grand Prize' Functional Vitamin Cosmetics Category Grand Prize

We received grand prize of functional cosmetics category in 2016 premium brand grand prize hosted by Hankyung Business and conducted by Korea Media Marketing. This prize that the selection of a premium brand is aimed at innovation along with social status and focusing on satisfying the qualitative value to satisfy the needs of consumers, and selecting a suitable company. Daycell Cosmetics has solidified its position in the vitamin cosmetics sector.


Awarded 'Korea Brand Power Grand Prize

This prize is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry , and Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDI), and hosted by best economic paper in Korea 'Money Today' that selected by consumers who actually use their products and services to participate in the survey evaluation. Daycell cosmetics received this prize that has been recognized as a company that grows as a national economic development and global leader through the power brand and design that is leading the Korean industry.


Awarded '2015 Asian beauty awards functional cosmetics category Grand Prize

Daycell Cosmetics was awarded grand prize of a functional cosmetic category in 2015 Asia Beauty Awards in Shanghai hosted by the Asia Central Committee and organized by BNT World. Each year, the awards ceremony held in the metropolitan area is a world-class beauty fair featuring beautiful women and media from Asian countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Daycell cosmetics awarded grand prize of functional cosmetic catagory and strengthened our position as a global beauty brand over Korea.


Acquired ISO 9001 certification

The quality management system established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is objectively assessed by a third-party certification organization that the products and service systems provided to customers satisfy the strictly defined requirements and are continuously maintained and managed. . By acquiring ISO9001 certification, Daycell Cosmetics has proven that has an excellent quality management system that can expend beyond Korea and also in the global market.


Acquired ISO 14001 certification

It is an international certification for the environmental management system established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Daycell Cosmetics has obtained ISO 14001 certification as a certification established by worldwide requirement to cope with extreme environmental problems. We are certified this comapny internationaly that systematically allocates and manages the system to continuously improve the environment.has based on rigorous standards, the company adopts environmental management as a corporate management policy, stipulates the organization and procedures to achieve specific goals, and human and material resources efficiently.


Acquired Main-Biz Certification

Main-Biz is a compound word of Mangement, innovation, Business that refers to a company certified as a management innovation small and midium company by the Small and Medium Business Administration. Daycell Cosmetics has been selected as an excellent company with new growth engine through management innovation activities and obtained this certificate. It has been recognized as a superior innovation management company in non-technical fields such as marketing and organizational innovation beyond simple technology innovation centered on products and processes.

All images of Daycell are protected by the 'Copyright Protection Law' and can be subject to criminal penalties under Article 77 of the Copyright Law when using unauthorized copying. If violate the law, we may request the suspension of copying and transmission in accordance with article 77 of the Copyright Law, and we may also request the criminal penalties as well as civil remedies such as the right to request protection and a claim for damages under the article 93 of the Law.

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