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Tilte Qoo10, Domestic Small & Medium Co. 'Global Hidden Champion' Promote & Support
Posted by Daycell Cosmetic (ip:)
  • Date 2019-08-26
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Qoo10, Domestic Small & Medium Co. 'Global Hidden Champion' Promote & Support
Daycell, Natures and other hair loss functional products, rising popularity in Singapore

Beauty products from Korean SMCs are gaining popularity in Southeast Asia.
Domestic SMCs are actively pursuing overseas markets through e-commerce platforms that local peoples use the most.

The 'Daycell MBA(Mo.Bal.A) hair tonic' series, a functional cosmetic product of the domestic cosmetics company Daycell cosmetic Co., Ltd., is enjoying a good response from Singapore hair loss patients.

DX Scalp Scaling', a scalp care product of Natures Co.,Ltd., another small and medium-sized company is also receiving much attention in the overseas.

Domestic companies that were interested in entering the overseas market focused on the situation where the exposure to ultraviolet rays or air pollution increases in Singapore and the needs for products that can manage the skin are getting bigger.

Promising domestic small and medium sized companies targeting the Singapore beauty market chose the first e-commerce company Qoo10 to pioneer the local Singapore market.

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