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Tilte [Yakup Newspaper] Dr. Vita premium Vitamin C Cream for freckles and sebum
Posted by Daycell Cosmetic (ip:)
  • Date 2019-05-09
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Dr. VITA premium Vitamin C Cream for freckles and sebum
Daycell, added wrinkle improvement, whitening double functional in the 10% of pure vitamin C

It is autumn when really hot and strong UV rays summer go by.
Even if use sunscreen often to protect the skin from UV rays in last summer,also increased troublesome person occurs freckles and sebum by the strong ultraviolet rays.

Dr. Vita premium of Vitamin C Cream' from Daycell Cosmetics Co., Ltd., has a lot of interested product that share in the number one maker of pharmacy cosmetics for the care of freckles,sebum and uneven skin tone.

Dr. Vita Premium Vitamin C Cream' has been upgraded to a premium line from the existing Dr. Vita C Cream, it has been supplemented with pure vitamin C 10% applied by Kolmar's research technology to improve wrinkles and whitening double functional added.

Pure vitamin C was encapsulated into a liquid crystal structure to protect the components from air, and stabilized unstable pure vitamin by oxidation stability method (Patent No. 10-0861980).

In addition, it has proven its total management effect by 9 clinical tests including wrinkle improvement, skin elasticity, dermatophyte increase, skin moisture improvement, freckles and pigmentation mitigation by melanin reduction, and skin irritation test.

It contains ingredients such as centella asiatica extracts, adenosine, ceramide, and prevent moisture evaporating of skin vital and fine wrinkles care.

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