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Tilte [Yakup Newspaper] Increased skin temperature First Aid 'Pore Tightening Oxygen Booster'
Posted by daycell (ip:)
  • Date 2017-09-04
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Increased skin temperature First Aid 'Pore Tightening Oxygen Booster'

Daycell Cogmatics, Multi-Skin Essence to reduce the Skin Temperature 3C

More increasing temperature in summer and skin pores are gradually becoming less elastic by the increasing skin temperature.

Introducing the multi-skin essence of Daycell Cosmetics that instantly reduces skin temperature and replenishes skin elasticity.

The '3 in 1 Pore Tightening O2 Booster' sales by No 1 local pharmacy store brand Daycell Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is the all-in-one product that can solve toner, lotion and essence at once. It is aclled the Arctic Skin to have a cooling effect of reducing the skin temperature is 3 degrees C when tuched to the skin.

This product is specialized by tightening the pores immediately after applying and giving elasticity to the drooping pores. Inaddition, a variety of botanical moisturizing ingredients quickly penetrate into the skin to instantly supply moisture, excellent water retention capacity trehalose and elm extracts ingredient help the disheveled moisture balance.

The Pore Tightening O2 Booster is recommended for to finished the skin care stage easily with only one product who need immediate relief to the skin that has been stimulated by UV rays in the summer or those who need care for stubborn skin and wider pores.

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