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Tilte [Queen] Cosmetics also content age,'attention' to the culture center lecture of Daycell safety children color nail
Posted by daycell (ip:)
  • Date 2017-09-01
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Cosmetics also content age,'attention' to the culture center lecture of Daycell safety children color nail.

Cultural center lectures are also diversified.

There are various classes ranging from popular cooking classes, musical instruments to art therapy, caricatures, magic shows, and coding.

A common feature of newly opened courses is 'content'. Lectures with good content are high participation rate, rather than just courses for education.

Especially, 'Water Nail Class', in Daycell Cosmetic Co., Ltd. (Representative Park, Gui-Hong) and Homeplus Cultural Center are together is attracting attention. This lecture was held in the Daejeon area store in summer that lasted for about one month from June 17 to July 15.

The Princess Pink Water Nail class of Daycell Cosmetics was a chance for children who want to follow their mom's makeup and nail art to experience with the safe ingredient color nail.

Children of lower grades who are interested in cosmetics often use adult nail products, that the adult products chemical ingredient can harm the health of children's nails.

The Princess Pink Color Nail of Daycell Cosmetics is a healthy watery manicure that is well ventilated and well watered to used safely on the soft, sensitive children's nails. Children who took courses at the Cultural Center had a 'beautiful colors with favorite design of children, and of the parents case 'products quality is high, it is good for to apply to children with safety because it was a non-toxic.' and introduced other opinions .

According to the official, 'The used Daycell Princess pink color nail is composed of seven kinds of snow flake dress, strawberry dress, etc.,it is a sticky type of aqueous nail and can be used safely because it can be removed without a separate remover.

 "We were able to hear consumer opinions directly through this lecture, so we plan to actively reflect consumer opinions on product development in the future. "he said.

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